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Radial Auto Services Garage In Limassol    
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Latest Technology

Radial Auto Services garage in Limassol is fully equipped with the latest technology to deal with all aspects of a car ownership.
Our car diagnostic systems support all car makes and can sucesfully diagnose any issue or faulty car component. Our mechanics are well trained with many years of experience in the industry and can guarantee the job well done.


LPG Conversions

Radial Auto Services specialises in LPG conversions for all vehicles. LPG and natural gas are the ideal solution for combining clean energy, energy saving, safety, performance and an extensive network of refuelling. We are proud to provide LPG Conversions in Cyprus with approved products and procedures.


Master's Advices

At Radial Auto Services we can advice you on any mechanical problem, issue or on a vehicles' condition. With many years of experience in the car industry and a range of the best diagnostic tools our advice will be something that you can depend on.


Auto Services, Routine Servicing and Diagnostics Services

Routine Servicing

Routine servicing is as important as ever even in today's world of computers and modern motor technologies. Do not wait until the flashing warning light! Professional routine servicing is an important factor in maintaining car performance and reliability.

Many people wrongly believe that when mechanics perform a regular routine service they only do basic maintenance such us filter replacement and oil replacement. By avoiding routine servicing you are increasing the risk of a mechanical failures and this may result in major disasters further down the road. When a mechanic carries out a routine service he performs checks to assure that all car major components are in good working order, tested and evaluated to ensure that there is minimal risk of failure. Checks, were applicable, are performed using car diagnostic software and computer systems.

At Radial Auto Services we:

  • Service all makes
  • Service all models (despite of the age of the car)
  • Service each vehicle to the highest level of the manufacturer's specifications
  • During service we use quality products that have proven long term performance

Diagnostics Services

Radial Auto Services main aim is to always archive 100% customer satisfaction. We aim to keep all of our customers satisfied believing that satisfied customers are the fuel of our business. Our garage in Limassol is well known with many years of experience and trusted by many since its been established.

Auto diagnostic services we provide can deal with faults in the:

  • Engine
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Fuel injection system
  • Electronic diesel control systems
  • Other safety related systems

LPG Conversions

Radial Auto Services specialises in LPG conversions with approved international parts, all work is done in our garage in Limassol. Visit us today or contact us for further details and costs.

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